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Parshat Naso / June 14, 2003 / 14 Sivan 5763


Intriguing thoughts on the weekly Torah portion and festivals produced by the Jewish community of Atlanta.

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I am staying in a hospital during Shabbat. What do I do about lighting candles?

We light candles before Shabbat, say our sages, so that 1) The Friday night meal is bathed in light; and 2) We may move freely about the house without tripping over things, which would result in aggravation and diminish Shabbat harmony. For the latter purpose of general light in the home, one may use electric lights. But Torah scholars differ vis a vis our candles on the Shabbat table. Some permit using electric lights (with a blessing); some forbid it; some allow it without a blessing. Rabbi Aron Kotler allowed a hospitalized woman to recite a blessing on electric lights; Rabbi Moshe Feinstein ruled she may use the light, but not recite a blessing.

If the hospital does not allow the lighting of candles (which is to be expected), then the electric light should be switched off & then switched back on, so it is clearly for the sake of the mitzvah. As for whether or not to recite the blessing, one should rely on the opinion of her/his local rabbi.

-- Rabbi Shmuel Weiss



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